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Is the fiber patch cord of good quality?

2022-03-08 16:58:55

ZR optical fiber jumper has many years of experience in the optical fiber communication industry, and has two major R&D centers in the north and south. Over the years, it has become a partner of major operators by virtue of its own strength. ZR fiber patch cord manufacturers have a production base of 8,000 square meters, an independent modern workshop, more than 300 factory personnel, and a monthly output of 150,000T/month. The production products include: single-mode, multi-mode, 10 Gigabit, MPO, armored fiber patch cords, etc., which are mainly used in communication equipment rooms, modern Internet data centers, cloud storage centers, server access, etc. Not only that, the ZR brand has a complete range of optical fiber patch cords, which supports one-stop shopping, avoiding the troubles caused by multiple purchases. Therefore, it is available from stock and shipped on the same day, and the delivery cycle of each order is strictly guaranteed. The outer packaging of Shengwei adopts five-level shock-resistant packaging, which can reduce the transportation risk.

fiber patch cord

ZR fiber patch cord

The optical fiber jumper adopts advanced low-smoke halogen-free technology, and the required outer quilt, parts and ferrules are all made of new materials, and they go through a layer-by-layer inspection process after entering the factory. It has the characteristics of good interchangeability, low insertion loss, good repeatability, strong tensile performance, good temperature stability, good inter-insertion performance, large return loss, small optical attenuation, stable and reliable transmission, etc. ZR engineering carrier-grade fiber optic patch cords use Kyocera ferrules imported from Japan and Corning fiber cores from the United States. The required outer quilt, spare parts and ferrules are all made of new materials, and they go through a layer-by-layer inspection process when entering the factory to ensure the equipment-to-fiber cabling link. It is widely used in engineering wiring, communication room and connection between tube optical transceiver and terminal box. The transmission performance is high-speed, stable and safe.

ZR fiber patch cord

In addition, ZR fiber patch cords can enjoy free warranty within 10 years of purchased fiber patch cord products. Guarantee that you can buy cost-effective products. If you are interested in the above ZR fiber optic patch cords, please click the customer service on the right side of the page to contact us.

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