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What is the difference between single mode fiber and multimode fiber? Come and see!

2022-03-07 17:04:27

The essential difference between single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber is that the propagation paths of light are different. When single-mode fiber is used, light propagates along one path, while light in multi-mode fiber can propagate in multiple paths.

The following is a detailed introduction from the appearance and performance.

Appearance color is different

The outer jacket of single-mode fiber is generally yellow, while multi-mode fiber is generally orange or blue;

patch cord fiber

different diameter

Single mode fiber is 8-10µm core diameter and 125µm clad diameter, while multimode fiber is 50 and 62.5µm core diameter and 125µm clad diameter;

different light sources

The single-mode fiber uses the laser as the light source and propagates along a single path, which can precisely control the light propagation, while the multi-mode fiber uses the LED as the light source, and the light generated is relatively scattered;

Modal dispersion is different

Multimode fiber Because light travels in multiple paths, at different speeds, the laser driving the multimode fiber produces a range of wavelengths. This will produce modal dispersion, which limits the effective transmission distance of multimode fiber patch cords, and single mode fiber is used to drive single mode fiber The laser produces a single wavelength of light, so its modal dispersion is smaller than multimode fiber;

different prices

Singlemode fiber itself is less expensive than multimode fiber

different transmission distances

Single-mode fiber operates at a data rate of 100M/s or 1G/s, and the transmission distance can reach at least 5KM.

The multimode fiber is mainly used for short-distance optical fiber communication. When the transmission speed is 100M/s, the transmission distance can reach 2km.

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